Kubatko is a one man music project from the Czech Republic that produces all different shades of electronic music. Jakub Holovsky (Kubatko’s real name) releases his music mostly on his own label called Beyond Belief.

Even though he comes from a landlocked country he has managed to collaborate with artists all over the world.

In 2008 he released his first album, in 2010 he won with his second album an award for the best electronic album in the Czech Republic. Since then he continued making albums that all had different concept. Krasohled being a collaboration mostly with Czech artists, Aucklandia was produced entirely in New Zealand and Honorifix celebrating his friendship with South Korean artists.

Soundtrack and sound making is also another passion of Kubatko, exclusively collaborating with Hexage.

His passion is music without boundaries, switching genres and moods while keeping the original Kubatko sound.