Kubatko has always been a big animal lover, a sloth fan, a short-track bicycle rider and a synthetic pad appreciator. His musical “career” has always been about putting different elements together, mostly fluffy pads, fresh beats and ear-friendly-visible bass.

Now in first person – I have never been scared about putting together weird, confusing or cheesy elements, I believe that being not scared and taking risks at something not risky at all (as music for sure is), is a good way to go. I have released many tunes, a few of them I wish I hadn’t put out but luckily the bigger part of it is the one I am happy about.

Two things I am most proud about are my first album “Should I Run” and my second album “Vzduchoplavec”. These are the things I would definitely recommend you if you like what I have been doing. There are several tracks which I think are great on some compilations, for example “Flying Without Wings” is a good tune to go with as well.

In 2011 I won an award “Anděl” for the best album in “electronic genre” category.

I am a registered member of (by many Czech artists (and others) hated) OSA, I think that making a change inside of something and being a part of it is the better option.

I like trying new things, so if you feel like we could do something good together, please send me an email.

Back in 3rd – Kubatko has always been appreciating any support by an email, a facebook like or buying his music. He hopes you have as much fun with his music as when he is doing it.


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