October 22, 2017

Drum and Bass Autumn 2017

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Hey man, Kubatko,
you are still the shit when it comes to DnB man!
Absolutely amazing flow on me ears even to this day.
Been listening to you since 2007 and your 13 Scoops Mix 2007 x)
My best friend already asked you on facebook whether it was your voice at the intro of this particular mix, and you said it was 😀 It was so awesome man, although you sounded a little gay BUT THAT WAS THE CATCH OF IT MAN! I love it to this day. You haven’t lost your magic!

On FB – I’m your 1223rd follower as of now.

Greetings from germany/ /a serbian living there.

Aww man, as I see on your last.fm Biography, you were born on the same day as me which will be in exactly 2 months. No wonder I love the flow, I knew there has to be some major parallel xD

@Leon wow, thanks for such great comments :)) made me smile. Yeah I agree that I did sound a bit gay… I am actually working on a new album where there will be a few drum & bass songs. So this might make you a bit happier. Greetings to Germany. Btw. I wanna visit Serbia, planning to go there probably next year

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