November 2, 2010

English “thanks” to Evac players

I want to thank to all the players of new game Evac by Hexage. I have read many positive words and it always feels great to feel appreciated. It has always been fun making music and sounds for them as they give me much freedom in my creation. So it always ends up with something interesting (in my opinion). I hope you all will have much fun with the game as i think Hexage guys always come with great games.

If Evac is your first game then i recommend checking all other games for which i made music and sounds as well.


The soundtrack for Hexage is amazing. I find it calm and peaceful. Do you have names for the songs?

Kind Regards,

Hello, thank you very much, i do not have any names for the songs 🙂 they were made just for “Evac”.

Hello J.R.!

thank you very much! i do not have any names for the “Evac” songs. They were made just for “Evac” so it is song one, two, three 🙂


I love the 3rd song on evac is there any way you can send me that song, it would mean a lot I can’t find it anywhere

Thanks… 🙂

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