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Kubatko – Krasohled – Album – Beyond Belief – BBELIEFS004

Kubatko - Krasohled - Album

Pokud mluvíte Česky, pak byste možná rádi přepli na českou verzi této stránky.

“Krasohled” (in Czech) means “Kaleidoscope” in English.
This name reflects how my music can have very different meanings and moods when you “shake it” with another persons voice. I wanted to have a variety but still keep the very something that would connect it all together.
My third album is the result of my recent music taste and thinking that was evolving since “Vzduchoplavec” album to this new album “Krasohled”. The main idea I had was to make an electronic album with different vocalists and make the songs short, diverse and fun. I really hope I achieved that and that you will feel the fun I had while making “Krasohled” real. Big thanks and appreciation goes to the wonderful artists that were working with me on “Krasohled”.

Where to buy it?: (the best for you and for me is BandCamp and CdBaby – will be updated)



Will be realised in the near future “on demand” through


  1. Černý Světlo + Markéta Foukalová
  2. Silent Waters + Ondřej Kopička
  3. Downhill
  4. Turbulence + Ondřej Pečenka
  5. Morning Star Lily + Primula + aki tomita
  6. Smaž + Ondřej Kopička
  7. Climb
  8. Krátká Báseň + Zeurítia
  9. Už Nejsme Nic + Šampon
  10. Lanugo – Druhá Strana (Kubatko Remix)

Guest artists:

Markéta Foukalová - foto Radka Salmanová
Markéta Foukalová – sings “Černý Světlo“ (“Black light” in English) and “Druhá Strana (Kubatko remix)“ (“Other Side” in English). Please visit her band “Lanugo” on this address: and listen to their most recent album called “Lanugo 2011”, it is a masterpiece.

Ondřej Kopička - foto zdroj
Ondřej Kopička – wrote lyrics for and sings “Silent Waters” and “Smaž” (“Delete” in English). Please visit his site (unfortunately not any more active) band “Eggnoise” on .

Ondřej Pečenka
Ondřej Pečenka

Ondřej Pečenka – wrote lyrics for and sings “Turbulence”. Please visit his project’s websites: and .

Primula – coproduced song “Morning Star Lily”. Visit site of his home label “Neguse Group” where he released great album “Youth Center” in July 2012 .

Aki Tomita
aki tomita – wrote lyrics for and sings “Morning Star Lily”. She has also her project “Rurarakiss”. You can visit site of aki tomita here: .

Zeurítia - foto Václav Jirásek
Zeurítia – sings “Krátká báseň“ (“Short poem”). Please visit her site and check her album called “Zeurítia”.

Šampon – wrote lyrics for and sings “Už nejsme nic” (“We are nothing anymore”). Please visit his project “Prodavač” (“Shop assistant”) and his most recent EP “Duchové” (“Ghosts”).

Tomáš Belko
Tomáš Belko

wrote lyrics for “Černý Světlo”, “Smaž”, “Krátká Báseň” and “Druhá Strana”. Please visit his bands site

Rudolf Matějček
The cover was designed and created by Rudolf Matějč

Tomáš Kahl
Mastering by Tomáš

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