January 3, 2015

Some of my music picks for 2014

I enjoyed quite a lot of music in 2014 so here is my bit. Please if you have a minute, have a listen to these artists I am sure you might find some of them fun to listen to.


  • Lanugo – 2014
  • Prodavač – Malý ráje
  • Monikino Kino – Prazdniny
  • Subject Lost – Expo Nova
  • Zkrat Kratochvíl – no album but songs on SoundCloud
  • Lenka Dusilová – V hodině smrti
  • Lake Malawi – songs on YouTube

Rest Of The World:

  • _yi – IDEO-POP!
  • Dark0 – Fate EP
  • Hanabi – NEET
  • Mr. Bill – IRL
  • Ohheejung – Set Adrift
  • POMO – songs on SoundCloud
  • Primula – Aquarius
  • San Holo – Cosmos EP
  • The Walters – Songs For Dads

PS: now when I look at the list it doesn’t seem that exciting any more but I am sure there was more I just can’t remember right now.

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December 12, 2014

New Album “Aucklandia” Out Now!

Finally! My fourth album is finished and out now on Bandcamp (soon on other stores). I am extremely happy about this as this has been the hardest album making so far. I hope that all the work was worth it.

This album is a process of over two years long time period. All of the songs were composed in Auckland, New Zealand except for one called “Gold and Fur” that I composed when I was back in Czech for one month.

I feel humbled that I could have a few amazing guests featuring on my album.

Markéta Foukalová


from her band Lanugo. She already did one song on Krasohled and I am very happy that she could have done a three more songs with me. Please enjoy her voice in “Kudy dál”, “Za Tmou” and “Kahu”.



Tomáš Belko


Tomáš wrote great lyrics for “Kudy dál” and supported me once again. Thank you!






when I bought her album off Bandcamp I had no idea that this would become a super-pleasant collaboration that brought a song “Don’t Die” that I consider one of my best songs so far. Please have listen to two more songs “Storm” and “Her Letter” that feature her beautiful voice.


Jo Joonghyun


a friend of Ohheejung that made guitar parts for “Don’t Die” and “Jo”. I don’t know much about Jo besides his guitar hobby and that he really loves his cat.



Olga Königová


from her band Ille sang on “Za Hlavou” which for me resulted in another favourite from the album. I feel lucky having the opportunity to connect with an artist like herself.




Tomáš Kahl


Tomáš is my man that prettyfies any song I give him. His mastering skills gave the album very full and strong sound.




Thanks to all the artists that are on my album or were involved in any part of the process.

It would make me happy seeing people sharing my music with their friends. Please feel free to listen to “Aucklandia” album as much as you like or give it to your friends. If you buy the album it is going to make me even happier.

If you like my music please get in touch, give me feedback or a poke.

December 9, 2014

Podcast for XPLAYMIX

I have made a new mix of a podcast called XPLAYMIX. Enjoy this mix of different house sounding songs featuring four songs from my upcoming album.

Kubatko by Xplaymix on Mixcloud

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December 1, 2014

Aucklandia T-Shirt design on Threadless

If you would like to wear the design of my new upcoming album on your chest please do vote for it on Threadless.

Thank you!

Aucklandia, a cool t-shirt design

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November 25, 2014

Don’t Die in Media

Thanks to Radio 1 for putting “Don’t Die” to their charts:

It got to 11th place in first week and to 12th place this week. If you like this song and you like listening to Radio 1 then please support this one with a vote.



Also, thanks to musicserver.cz for giving 8/10 to this song and promoting it on their page.



November 12, 2014

Kubatko – Don’t Die feat. Ohheejung

After two years I am very close to finishing my fourth album. This is a second track from it called “Don’t Die” featuring amazingly talented Korean singer Ohheejung

If you like you can vote for this song in Radio 1 charts. Thank you!


October 15, 2014

Kubatko Live @ Shadowbox, Radio 1 05/01/2014

My January mix was uploaded to SoundCloud for easier sharing. Before my album goes out, have a listen to this mix from the beginning of this year when I was back in wintery Prague (on Radio 1 – Shadowbox show). If I DJ then this is what I currently play.


1) Baby (feat. MNEK, Sinead Harnett)by Rudimental
2) Incoming by Celsius
3) Running (Disclosure Remix)by Disclosure; Jesse Ware
4) Holdin On by Celsius
5) No One Has To Know by Squarehead
6) Jaws (Original Mix)by Lxury
7) No To Love (Todd Edwards Remix)by Jessie Ware
8) Beg (Hot Since 82 Future Mix)by Yousef
9) Smile Feat. Kendra Cash (Shur-i-kan Future Vox)by Joey Negro, Mistura, Kendra Cash
10) Close by Sub Focus & MNEK
11) Everybody Wants Something feat. Alex Mills (Joey Negro Strip Mix)by Joey Negro Akabu, Alex Mill
12) Terminal by Kubatko & Thomas Bare
13) Mellow Summer (Sole Unity)by Dave Horne & Leanne March
14) Do Better (Spiritchaser Remix)by The Layabouts, Portia Monique

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September 25, 2014

What am I listening to?

I love “Bandcamp” that is where I find music most of the time and where I buy music most of the time. If you are interested check out my latest bought album on Bandcamp that I really like:

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September 16, 2014

Vzduchoplavec is now on bandcamp

Kubatko – Vzduchoplavec – my second album from year 2010 is now up for grabs on Bandcamp (for 1+ dollar – it’s up to you). This album received an award for the best electronic album for year 2010 in the Czech Republic. It would be too sad not having it on Bandcamp.

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July 9, 2014

Ohheejung – Who Made You – Kubatko Remix

While I have been working on my fourth album I did a remix for a fantastic Korean artist called Heejung Oh. Please have a listen to the remix and share if you like Also please feel free to check out Ohheejung’s bandcamp and soundcloud http://ohheejung.bandcamp.com/album/set-adrift-remix https://soundcloud.com/heejung-oh