April 24, 2016

Hexage Games Soundtrack II


New Hexage’s game called REDCON is out now! I took care of creating the soundtrack and sounds for this game. As Hexage makes longer running projects now we decided to create a new soundtrack that contains music from their previous game Reaper and the current one – REDCON.

Here is the soundtrack!

The soundtrack is currently available on Bandcamp, however in a few weeks time it will be on all major stores as well.

January 30, 2011

Vzduchoplavec Game

Hra vytvořená k příležitosti vydání alba “Vzduchoplavec“. Balón se ovládá šipkami doleva a doprava. Hra je určena jen pro operační systémy Windows. Všechny potřebné komponenty si instalace stáhne sama. Pokud ne tak napište na kubatkorebel@gmail.com a já vám zkusím poradit.

Stažení “Vzduchoplavec Game”.

A music game i made along with release of my album “Vzduchoplavec“. Use left and right arrow keys to move the baloon. The game is Windows only. All needed components will download the installer itself. If there is any problem feel free to let me know on this email adress kubatkorebel@gmail.com and i will try to help you.

Download “Vzduchoplavec Game”.