December 25, 2009

Sonority – Tehotenstvi + (Kubatko remix) + další remixy

Tohle vše vyšlo 22.12.2009 na českém labelu “Elemental”. Originál je vskutku krásná skladba, remixy je trochu ušpiněné downtempo. Poslouchejte (soundcloud) a “kupujte” zde (beatport).

There are various available veterinarians as well as different treatments and medicines for dogs. These care is instituted for various ailments. And aging canines have 6 common diseases for old dogs namely: constipation, arthritis, potassium deficiency, seizure, congestive heart failure and Cushing disease. Why don’t we learn about these diseases 1 by 1 beginning from the three common afflictions, constipation, arthritis and potassium deficiency.

Especially women, but men too, start to lose a little bone mass each year after the age of forty. The pace at which bone breaks down increases with age. Strength training can slow the process down. And using creatine as well can help even more, sports scientists at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada discovered.The researchers did an experiment with two groups of eighteen post-menopausal women. Their average age was 57.

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