January 18, 2017

Conor Maynard – Work (Kubatko Drum & Bass Bootleg Mix)

I didn’t do much, just added some stuff to make it groovy for myself. All credits goes to Conor for his genius cover.

December 29, 2016

Kubatko – 2016 Favourites Mix

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December 3, 2016

Kubatko 2016 DJ Mix (all kubatko mix)

It’s been a few years since I made an “all kubatko” mix. I called it simply Kubatko 2016 DJ Mix. It also shows a few tracks from the past that didn’t get a space in my other mixes. Also showcases my two very recent tracks “Kara Tara” and “Glowworms”. I hope you will enjoy this vibe before christmas.

1) Kubatko, Jo Joonghyun – Seoul Memory – 2016 – Beyond Belief
2) Kubatko – Kafalo – 2016 – Plain & Simple
3) Kubatko – Kara Tara – 2016 – unsigned
4) Elastic Sound – Oaklend 5 (Kubatko Remix) – 2008 – Deepology Digital
5) Kubatko – I Like What You Say – 2009 – Loco Records
6) Kubatko – Buzzard – 2016 – Beyond Belief
7) Kubatko – Love From The Star – 2016 – Beyond Belief
8) Kubatko – Break Deep Inside – 2016 – Galvanic
9) Kubatko & Biscuit – I Always Win – 2009 – Nightpunk
10) Kubatko – Your Ambition – 2011 – Beyond Belief
11) Kubatko – Glowworms – 2016 – unsigned
12) Puer Kim – Pearls (Kubatko Remix) – 2016 – no label
13) Kubatko – Falcon – 2016 – Beyond Belief
14) Kubatko, Ohheejung, Jo Joonghyun – Anthracite – 2015 – Beyond Belief
15) Drake – Hotline Bling (Kubatko Voco Dubstep Remix) – 2016 – no label

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October 22, 2016

Kubatko – Kafalo – out now on Plain&Simple Records

It doesn’t happen often that I sign up a track at a foreign label. Well it happened this time with “Kafalo”. It’s out now on Dubai based label Plain&Simple. It’s kind of special track with more of a dancefloor vibe. I hope you’ll like it! And also there is remix by Tom Chubb!

October 19, 2016

Puer Kim – Pearls (Kubatko Remix)

I like remix competitions and when I saw there was one of a Korean musician I knew I had to try it. The competition is actually finishing tomorrow and the results will be cominng in a few days after that. However I do not feel like I stand much change in there. If you listen to the whole playlist of the remixes you realize how many great musicians there are.

In my remix I tried to combine a bit of all the worlds. Keep some of the original track while bringing something new and surprising. I tried to keep the r’n’b vibe in the beginning while moving into some dancefloor vibe in the other half.

I hope you like my remix at least a little bit.

If you would like to know more about Puer Kim, head down to her website.

October 19, 2016

Twintone – Velocity Life – re-release on Beyond Belief

You might wonder what is this new release on Beyond Belief – the whole album “Velocity Life” by Twintone. Well, it has a big history behind it. Basically Twintone has been with me musically since I got into drum & bass. He always used the right sounds that I really liked, especially around the liquid funk era of drum & bass. His sound was very original and very under-preciated.

At around 2003 Twintone was supposed to put out an album on Position Chrome (the label owned by Panacea). I am not sure what went wrong – it was probably that the sound of the album didn’t completely match the label vision. So what happened was that the whole album was free up for grabs for some time. That’s basically when I wrote a review for the album long time ago when I was still a member of the drum & bass group called Shadowbox.

To cut the long story short – I have been in contact with Twintone for the past few years – exchanging tracks and just doing occasional email conversations. I have always loved the “Velocity Life” album that captures one era of German drum & bass and I felt like it was a shame that it was nowhere to get.

That is why I offered Twintone to put it out on my label – Beyond Belief. We actually decided to add there several bonus tracks that came from roughly the same era when Velocity Life was made.

I am super happy to present this release to you. It might not sound special to everyone – as it does not match what’s happening in drum & bass right now but it is special for me and that’s why you can listen to it anywhere right now.

September 1, 2016

Drake – Hotline Bling (Kubatko Dubstep Remix)

Dubstep remix of Drake’s anthem “Hotline Bling”.


Original remix version without vocoder:


August 17, 2016

Free Range – new mini album!

After Hexage’s soundtrack for Redcon I finally had some more time for my own music.

The result is a mini album called “Free Range” that contains 5 tracks – all targeting different genres of electronic music.

Let me introduce the tracks to you one by one:

1) Free Range – dubsteppy electronica with guitar parts that were recorded by my South Korean friend Jo Joonghyun. I was browsing through some of my old Reason sketches and found the beat percussions – I thought that they were sounding cool so I took them. Then I heard another older sketch and liked the bassline – took that one out as well. Suddenly I had a deeper vibe going. The rest was just plain amazing. Especially Jo always surprises me with his guitar ideas. So grateful that I met this guy.

2) Falcon – this is an opposite of “Free Range”, I composed this from a scratch a few weeks back. I really enjoy listening to those evolving filtered beats and pads. Also pitched down vocals and shuffling hit patterns do the trick for me. Pure Deep House track.

3) Buzzard – another result of me browsing through my old sketches. I found a drum and bass part that I really liked however it was just sounding too fast and too crazy. I took down the tempo to a breaks level and suddenly I was feeling it. It’s got kind of a sci-fi atmosphere that I enjoy.

4) Swoop – I actually don’t know why it took us ages with Munk (a drum and bass producer from Hungary) to finish it. I have always liked this song that we composed around year 2007. It just never got to go out. So I sat at it and contacted Munk. I just basically cleaned the sound, made new mixdown and edited a few parts that sounded a bit strange. I love the result, powerful song with a few light moments.

5) Seoul Memory – as the title says, it’s a reminisce of Seoul where I recorded the background sounds used in the song. Their subway makes such amazing futuristic sound (subway and olive n young being my most favorite places during my most recent visit :D). Amazing city, amazing country. Jo again backed me up with his guitar. Thanks Jo! you are my star!

July 15, 2016

Break Deep Inside – new EP on Galvanic

Well, after a long time I have released an EP on a foreign label – Galvanic (under Daredo Music). It contains two previously released house tracks and one new track “Break Deep Inside”. I am happy that thanks to Galvanic those two previously released tracks might reach some new audience.

As usual you can grab it from various online stores or just listen for free on Spotify and others.

May 4, 2016

Vzduchoplavec CD – Výprodej / Sale

20160430_101559 (Medium)

A je tu ještě jeden výprodej smile emoticon tentokrát několik CD Vzduchoplavce, které vyšlo na Quazi Delict Rec a dostalo Anděla v roce 2010.
Cena 150 Kč včetně poštovného. Pošlete zprávu, pokud máte zájem.

There is one more sale:) a few CDs of Vzduchoplavec album, that was released on Quazi Delict Rec and received a Anděl award in year 2010.
The price including international shipping is 8 USD. Send me a message here if you are interested.